Column hoists are very useful: they have many advantages in ergonomics, security and room saving. Column hoists are also helpful for working with space at a suitable height on every vehicle repair.

Garage pits can be replaced when working on the car underside, disassemble gearboxes, etc. Columns can be combined in 4-6-8 or 10 groups. This integrated system allows contolling the system from any column (they are all the same), one single power cable on one column is enough for all. More units can be easily added to the column hoist system (for example you can start with one group of four units and later you can add two, four or more units).

Adaptors can be incorporated to fit small van wheels, also support-trestles or fifth wheel adaptors can be added to the columns to lift semi-trailers.


  • Column weigh capacity: ELC7 (7 TN) ELC9 (9 TN.)
  • Double nut lifting spindle system.
  • Distance between the column and the vehicle: 250 mm.
  • Maximun lifting time for maximum lifting height: 2 min 40 sec.
  • Maximun lifting height : 1.900 mm.
  • Engine power per column: 3 Kw.
  • Double support security system.
  • Electronic wear detection.
  • Both mechanical and electronical security system.
  • Lifting fork arms length: 320 mm.
  • Automatic column detection system; it can work with one, two three, four or even ten columns at the same time; thanks to its control microprocessor. With its automatic synchronization you just need to plug them to the system.
  • Self diagnosys system where error codes are displayed while operating.
  • Phase integrated control system.
  • Operational control from any column of the system.
  • Adaptors for short wheel diameter vehicles are available.


- Column dimensions:
Height: 2.800 mm
Width: 1.112 mm.
Length: 1.210 mm.
- Column weight: 650 kg.
- Wire between columns: 10 mts.
- Power cable length: 10 mts.
- Noise Level: 56 dB.


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