The braking fluid is the main part of the components that form the braking system, it is responsible for the operation of the system.

It has many important physical and chemical properties, the liquid boling point is the most improtant one.

The braking fluid is an hygroscopic fluid, that means it absorbs atmospheric humidity and it adds water it to its chemical composition. Eventually the fluid's boiling point lowers more and more. Dirt and dust also change the fluid's boiling point but not as much as water does.

A ruined braking fluid, (that means with a low boiling point), can boil under great efforts and high temperature; that makes the braking system of the vehicle unusable. So a periodical revision of the brake fluid is very important.



  • Immerse the probe in the fluid and press the "TEST" button.
  • Test results are shown using easy reading indicator lights.
  • It is important to clean and dry the probe before testing to avoid wrong readings.
  • It is important that it is charged enough, An indicator light in the front cover shows the battery charge status.




- The front cover has a membrane keyboard, easy to use.

- The case is built using a great resistance ABS plastic material.

- CLIFTON is powered using a 9V battery.

- Dimensions: 130 x 68 x 30

- Weight: 120 Grs. (probe not included).


WARNING: Measures must be made at room temperature.