The sound level meter has been designed and developed to avoid operation difficulties. It is appropriate for acoustic control of: municipal ordinances, environmental noise (pubs,discos, air compressors, boilers....), sound insulations, etc.....


  • Environmental acoustics.
  • Sound power.
  • Vehicle and traffic noise.


  • Measures all parameters simultaneously: Ls, Lf, Leq1’, Leq1”, LCpk, L10, L50, L90, maximum values, duration of measurement.
  • 23-140 dB measurement range.
  • One single range (no range changes).


  • Type 1 integrating sound level meter meeting UNE-EN 60651 and UNE-EN 60804.
  • A and C frequency weightings.
  • Allows you to sotre the measurement results in the memory and save all the measured parameters second by second for 3 hours.
  • Equipped with AUTOSTORE recording for long-duration (1 week) Leq measurements.
  • Includes software to transfer all measured and recorded parameters to a PC.
  • Complies with the LEGAL METROLOGY(29/12/98) regulations.
  • Condenser prepolarized microphone insensitive to magnetic interferences, ruggedly built.
  • Shape designed for perfect measurement gathering.
  • AUTO-TEST digital display indicator during start-up. The dB(A) value is measured from 23 dB to 140 dB autoranging (unscaled), "UP" for upper crest factor limit higher than 130 dB, "LO BAT" for replacing the battery.
  • With threaded stand for tripod.
  • Weighted AC power output (A Filter).
  • MAX ALL pushbutton to obtain the maximum value during a test or all maximum values after the test is finished.
  • FAST function for quick averaged sound level..
  • SLOW function for slow averaged sound level.

The SC-20e is supplied with the software PC application that allows:

  • Real time data acquisition.
  • Generation of graphics for the creation of the personalized reports.
  • Data obtaining and data exportation.
  • Configuration of all the parameters for the autostore recording module.
  • Graphic, statistical and numerical display of the data files.

Operation range:
-10 to +50 ºC
545 gr.
301 x 82 x 19 mm.

    • Complies with the UNE-EN 60651 and UNE-EN 60804 (Type 1) standards.




CB006 Sound level calibrator


Stand for moped sound tests Tripod


Transporting briefcase