REG 190




To test all kind of vehicle headlamps.

Some time ago, this device was considered of secondary importance, but nowadays, because some new laws across Europe have clearly regulated the use and headlight limits, the headlamp inspection device has become an important measuring device and turning into an essential inspection gadget.




- Suitable to control the orientation and light intensity of all headlight systems in cars, tracks, buses, etc.


- Railwagon mounted optical measuring system with weight compensator, height can be adjusted using its self-locking system.


- At least these devides will be incorporated:

·Centering viewer.

·Luxmeter to test headlamp light intensity.

·Screen with fog lamp display.


- Mirror centering viewer.



·Max working height: 1.500 mm.

·Min working height: 230 mm.

·Base: 630 x 550 mm.

·Focus deviation: 0-4%

·Weight: from 32 to 37 kg.


-The foot is provided with 3 rubber wheels for easy movements and great stability.


Thanks to its analogue luxometer, you can easyly check light intensity levels of the headlamps (in klux or kcand). The color scale shows if it is inside the required limits.



Precission mirror viewer lets you easyly align the headlamp centering device with the tested vehicle.