ANOI5/OPAC5T + CONSOLA is a computerized Gas Analyser and Opacimeter connected to one single cabinet..

The Gas Analyser is a compact and independent equipment used to measure exhaust gases of gasoline vehicles.
This is a 5 Gas Analyser CO, CO2, HC, O2 y NOX (optional), and Lambda coefficient. It is possible to attach a TUR II module, it ia an universal (both gasoline or diesel ) RPM and oil temperature meter.
A 5000 vehicle database is available, you can match manufacturer's values with real exhaust values taken during the tests.
Test results can be displayed on a screen, printed or stored in a database.

The Opacimeter is a device used for measuring diesel exhausted gases opacity.
Adjustable filtering to fit regulations.
Real time opacity index N(%) and light absorption coefficient k(m-1) on screen representation.
Opacity curve on screen representation.
Full color results summary, yout can easily difference between vehicles that fit pollution regulations and vehicles that do not fit pollution regulations.
Engine revolutions and oil temperature real time visualisation if the TUR II module is attached.
Test results are displayed on the screen, printed or stored in a database.
Data from previous tests can be reloaded.



ANOI 5 Measuring chamber:

  • Measuting range:

CO: 0-15% vol Res. 0.001% vol
CO2: 0-20% vol Res. 0.01% vol
HC: 0-2000 ppm vol Res. 1ppm vol
O2: 0-25% vol Res. 0.01% vol
NOx:0-5000 ppm vol Res. 1 ppm vol (Optional)
Lambda:0.5-1.7 Res. 0.001

  • Operation temperature: -12º to 50ºC
  • Measured gas suction:

Nominal flow: ~4.0 l/min.
Drainage flow: ~3 l/min.

  • Condensate discharge: Continuous and automatic
  • Heating time: max 10 minutes .

- Regulations: UNE 82501
OPAC 5T Measuring chamber:

  • Mechanical Characteristics:
  • Dimensions: Height: 220 mm.

Width: 401 mm.
Length: 171 mm.

  • Weight: 6 kg.
  • Electrical Features:
  • Voltage : 220 V DC +10% / -15%.
  • Current: 0.78 A.
  • Frecuency: 50/60 Hz.
  • Communications:
  • Mode: asynchronous RS232 .
  • 9600 bauds.
  • 8 data bits.
  • 1 stop bit.
  • No parity bit.
  • Environment:
  • Environmental health conditions:
  • Temperature: -5ºC ¸ 40ºC
  • Relative air humidity : 0 ¸ 95%
  • Pollution: 2% maximum opacity.

- Storage conditions:

  • Temperature: -32ºC ¸ +50ºC
  • Accuracy: ±2%
  • Resolution: 0.1% in opacity index

0.001 m-1 in light absorption coefficient

  • Optical:

Optical path: 617,82 mm.
Effective length: 364 mm.
Effective length for calculations: 430 mm
Tube length: 174 mm
Collecting chamber diameter: 20 mm.
Green LED: 480-680 mm (565 mm peak)
Response time: 0,92 ms.

- Regulations: UNE 82503

  • ANOI 5 Software:

    1. Wifi ready cabinet for wireless communication with external gadgets (tablet, PDA, etc), from where you can control all software options.
    2. Real time gas data visualisation.
    3. Real time analog or digital oil temperature and RPM values visualisation.
    4. Simultaneous manufacturer's and test's value visualisation, if available.
    5. LAMBDA coefficient visualisation.
    6. Up to 6 tests per vehicle can be stored in RAM.
    7. Data test can be saved in the database.
    8. Data tests saved in the database can be printed or viewed.
    9. Customer, vehicle and test management.
    10. NOX Kit connection available.
    11. TUR II connection available.

    OPAC 5T Software:

    • Programmable filtering to fit regulation requirements.
    • Parameter filtering is available:

    Luminous absorption coeficient filtering (k(m1)).

    Opacity index filtering (N(%)).

    • Two parameter simultaneous filtering.
    • Opacity curve displayed on the screen.
    • Simultaneous "Opacity index" and "Luminous absorption coeficient" data curve visualisation.
    • On screen test results visualisation using different colours, so that unsucccesfull tests can be easyly identified.
    • Real time analog or digital oil temperature and RPM values visualisation.
    • On screen data monitoring where tests can be prented or stored in a database.
    • Test data record recovery possibility.

    RPM and Temperature measuring equipment (TUR-II):

    1. RS232 data transmission ready.
    2. Visualization display.
    3. Measuring characteristics:

    - Cylinder number selection option.
    - Stroke engine number selection option.

    1. Power source: 10 to 28 V DC .
    2. With the vehicle's own battery.
    3. With a stabilized power supply.
    4. Consumption 0.5 A DC
    5. Equipment working room temperature: 5ºC - 40ºC
    6. Dimensions 200x45x100 mm.
    7. Weight: 0.5 kg.
    9. Measuting range: from 15ºC to 200ºC
    10. Resolution: 1
    11. - Type of probe: PT100
    13. Range of measures: 300 - 9990 r.p.m.
    14. Resolution: 10
    Type of measure : Vibration


- TUR II: Temperature meter and universal rpm counter.

- Truck probe with 1m long hose.

- Different types of longer probes.

- NOx Kit.

- TERMOFRA: Infra-red thermometer.


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